Friday, October 9, 2009

A mistake or not with the placement of the NEW push button pedestrians poles & signage?

The owner of Braddock Sports Shop brought something to my attention just this week. Which set of pictures properly displays the placement of the NEW push buttons and signage for the pedestrians? Mr. Bucher made a point of pointing this out to one of the workers and that person's response ... "That's where they need to be"

Also, the placement of the signage is not always in the middle of the pole. Signs should not be placed side by side if the pole is not wide enough to accommodate. Folks just need to look at the little things around these poles and you will easily see the concern with lack of attention to detail. Also, take a look at the signage on the light pole arms, are they level? Again, the lack of attention to detail or is it just a rush to just finish the job and who cares about the little things, nobody will notice. Why not get it done correctly the first time, is that asking to much?

For example, review the pictures at the corner of Braddock and Cork Streets as a pedestrian has to walk basically inside the intersection to push the button.  There are a few other intersections throughout the city that are similar.

Now, take a look at the pictures on Washington and Boscawen intersection which appears to be properly installed.  There are other intersections that are similar.  So wonder why there are differences in the intersections throughout the city with the Push Buttons placement and signage?

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Update Oct. 12th @6pm:

I recv'd a call late this afternoon stating that Perry and Jason were scoping out the Braddock Street intersection. I was informed that there was some gesturing of the hands with what should be the proper location of the boxes and shaking of the head with disappointment.

My informant wish he had a camera as those shots would have been priceless.

This intersection is not the only one, as there many others just like the Braddock/Cork street intersection.

Bottom-line, let's hope all of these push-button oversights get corrected because it's the little details that appear to be getting over-looked

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