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**UPDATE** Who will become Shenandoah University’s next Athletic Director(s)?

Wonder what is taking Shenandoah University administration so long to fill the voided position left by former Athletic Director JOHN HILL, ANNOUNCEMENT APRIL 9, 2009 when he was named as Tiffin University’s new Head Basketball Coach/Associate VP for Development.  The delay can be perceived from a couple of different angles, to save money and/or as which seems to be the most logical, to ensure the right person is chosen.

The combo team of co-interim Athletic Directors, KIM SCRUTON and KEVIN ANDERSON which were both very sound choices for co-interim candidates as the perception is that its working pretty efficiently in their 5th and 6th years respectively at SU.  Kevin Anderson is a locally home grown product and has Division I experience to help the Athletic Department grow to the next level.  Kim Scruton is eager to be a vibrant SU ambassador within the community.  Both are currently pursing their PHD’s.

Shenandoah University has a great opportunity for the majority of its sports programs to be successful at a regional/national level only if the “country club atmosphere” is removed.  There needs to be performance/accountability protocols put into place and enforced or it will just remain as status quo.  One would be hard press to believe that the administrators want SU to be known for having a country club atmosphere within the athletic department.  This type of atmosphere is referenced because what kind of example is an unnamed coaching staff setting while consuming beverages on the bus that were not soda pops while in route to away trips?  Worse yet, on the trip back home, from the perspective of the bus driver, anyone who wanted this beverage that was purchased by one of the members of the coaching staff was free to do so.  There was no discretion about the beverage being consumed as the trash can on the bus was full of the empties.  This is a very much factual as this was shared from the bus driver himself of the Charter Bus service. 

The sports at SU are very vital for some student/athletes as it can have very positive life changing affects.  The baseball program enjoyed an epic year in winning the Mid-Atlantic Regional tournament in Salisbury, MD last May and in return earned a berth to the World Series in Appleton, WI.  The 2009 baseball team went the most far of any team in the history of SU sports.  Coach Barr started it back with the startup of football and with the success gained in just the 3rd , 4th and 5th year of the program; we saw the fruits of his labor and desire to make those young men better human beings.  Not sure what needs to come about to turn the football program back around as its only won 10 out of the last 46 games since the 2005 season.  Coach Anderson’s baseball program has countless success stories off the diamond where these student/athletes have evolved into outstanding young men.  There are a lot more positive things than just baseball.  Coach Kotynski’s softball program has enjoyed much success over the last few years.  Along with Coach Guyant-Holloway (women's basketball) and Coach Marrocco’s (track-n-field/cross country) programs are making very positive strides and constantly hear nothing but positive things about those coaches.

With the recent success with the mentioned programs, can the future of SU athletics afford to take a step backward with a new AD to be selected from outside the regional area?  There will be a learning curve for a new AD not chosen from within the regional area.  This person would have to learn who is who and develop relationships which need to be very sincere and long lasting.

The entire community of Winchester would love to see a very successful sports program at Shenandoah University.  One could easily foresee SU sports reaching a level between a Bridgewater College and JMU only if it’s the desires of the administration.  It will be a win/win for everyone.  One can only imagine the opportunities that could present themselves as result of having a successful sports program.

To close, is it the goal of the Shenandoah University administration to have a successful sports program for the majority of the programs?  If so, then are not the new Athletic Director(s) to be chosen currently filling the position already?

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** Status Update **

The Pibbster's Pub has learned from unnamed sources that the next Athletic Director at Shenandoah University will NOT be Mrs. Scruton nor Mr. Anderson.

There's a possibility that an offer could be made today on SU's first choice.


Do not be surprised that SU's next Athletic Director just very well may come from one of the following universities listed below:

- Keene State College

- St. Bonaventure University

- Western Kentucky University

- Northeast Louisiana University


Forget to share, someone within the regional area could be in the running, an individual from JMU?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when they are planning on making a decision?


Not sure, BUT when former AD left back in the spring, heard that new AD would start on January 1st and look where we are today, November 18th.

I also heard that someone might be in the running from JMU?


I was told from a source from SU, that the new AD will is from Western Kentucky University or Northeast Louisiana University.

He was not quite sure as I gave him a list of universities.

So it's unconfirmed at this point.


Also, want to add, it was communicated to The Pub that Coach B was given a 2-yr contract extension within the last year and he'll have 2yrs to get turned around OR the new AD will be making a change.

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