Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why not right this wrong with the pedestrian push-button poles/signage?

Writing in concern to the City Engineer's conclusion on for the placement of push-button boxes and signage on Braddock/Cork Street on the pedestrian poles.

A mistake or not with the placement of the NEW push button pedestrians poles/signage?

Thank you for your suggestions regarding the location of the pedestrian signals.

The City’s engineer has looked at this and concludes that while they would work in either location, he thinks they are fine where they are.    

We appreciate your sharing your thoughts with us. 

This is not the only one, there are several other intersections exactly like this one, the perception is that there is no consistent protocol used for placement. One can come to the conclusion there was not enough thought put into the push-buttons and placement of the signage. This is supported because the narrow poles are not wide enough to accommodate those signs. With proper placement of push-buttons, one bigger sign could have been placed in between the two push-buttons.

For aesthetic purposes, they are not very pleasing to the eye with signs being bunched together. WHY did we move the light pole in front of the library?  I thought this whole project was to help beautify the downtown, well there is some oversight that is very evident. The narrow poles appear to be all junked up.

This workmanship has to be unacceptable. Cannot remain status quo.

Bottom-line, we need to get things done correctly the 1st go-around. This also can be view as not taking pride in your work as well. Does this look right or not? If not, then speak up.

Take a look at every intersection with the NEW light poles and ask yourself, is every sign “level”?  Inconsistency again, anyone can just eyeball the many signs were just throw up without a level being used. Again, was not this project suppose to help beautify the City?  OK, why was the signage not installed with a level on the poles and arms?

For this to get corrected, you have to get involved and contact City Officials to share your concern.

Mr. Noe (Interim City Mgr)

I have heard from many of his subordinates, they wish Mr. Noe would become the City Manager.

Not sure who made the call on it but here is the list of staff from the City's engineer department:

Main Phone Number 540-667-1815
Hours of Operation 8:00am - 5:00pm (M-F)

City Engineer : Kelly B. Henshaw, P.E.

Engineer I : Vacant
Engineering Inspector : Dennis Makely
Construction Inspector : Drew Brady
Construction Inspector : Robert Witherall

Director: Tom Hoy
Superintendent of Operations : Jason Didawick
Streets Crew Supervisor: Terry Davis
Traffic Crew Supervisor : Justin Hall

Public Services Director: Perry Eisenach
City Engineer: Kelly Henshaw
Engineering Inspector: Dennis Makely
Construction Inspector: Robert Witherall
Construction Inspector: Drew Brady
Maintenance Supervisor: Mitch Thomas

To close, IF this pole was residing on your personal property, would you be satisfied with it?  Some may view this as a little thing, but those little things ADD up over time and there is an opportunity to right this wrong.

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