Thursday, November 5, 2009

The 2-Way conversion, the mini turn lanes, watch for backups!

Has anyone else notice the lack of depth in the turn lanes on the 2-way conversion for both Braddock and Cameron?

As someone was quick to point out yesterday, some turn lanes just may allow 1 car and no more than 2 for the majority.  I really have not surveyed all of them to know for a fact, but have noticed a couple are just about 1 car length in depth.

Will this become an issue?  Time will soon tell.  Actually, in my own opinion, I think city officials should of bit the bullet from the beginning and took up to anywhere 100 feet or more from the intersection and which would have eliminated more parking of both side to accommodate a normal turning lane vs. the abnormal traffic patterns painted in the streets.

The perception is that the city officials tried to satisfy everybody vs. making the intersections as what the standard protocols dictate.  I can tell you one thing, if I have read properly, if these streets where owned by VDOT, the 2-way conversion would not have been allowed.

Is is possible, another do over for the future?

The big test will be on Monday and next Friday.

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