Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shenandoah University Salaries for FY-6/30 2006-2011

Continuing to build on The Winchester Star's database of local salaries, below is Shenandoah University as they are ranked in the Top 5 of local employers in the City of Winchester for the 2nd Qtr of 2009.  Also included are the top 5 highest paid contractors that Shenandoah University has secured for their services rendered over recent years.

SU Top Salaries and Top Contractors (comparison from 2006-2009)

Salaries, other compensation, employee benefits had a noticeable increase from 2008.
$41,186,110 ... FY-6/30/2010

$40,783,692 ... FY-6/30/2009

$34,901,609 ... FY-6/30/2008

$34,821,188 ...

$32,490,932 ...
These figures are the total sum of Compensation of the current officers, directors, trustees and key employees;  Other Salaries and wages; Pension plan contributions (include section 401(k) and section 403(b) employer contributions); Other employee benefits and Payroll taxes.

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