Sunday, August 22, 2010

SU working on a deal to regain the Beltone Hearing Aid property?

The Pub was informed from a credible source last week that SU is working to make a deal to regain the Beltone Hearing Aid property at 1650 Apple Blossom Drive beside TV3-Winchester.

The current Beltone land was once in the real-estate portfolio for SU but for some reason, SU officials sold that land years ago (1985 timeframe) for $90,000 to the present Beltone owners.

The perception is that SU has a plan in place with the hopes for the closure of Millwood Ave and the hopes of sealing a deal to regain the property at 1650 Apple Blossom Drive.

Wonder what the plan is?  Seems logical for an ideal location for an official campus entrance to be constructed.  SU admins have made that known that they really have no official entrance to the campus.

If there is really a safety issue with students crossing the street, it seems like the Apple Blossom Drive section below Sheetz down toward the Beltone Hearing Aid area is the most dangerous vs. the Millwood Ave section in front of  OBT and TV3.

If SU gets the closure of Millwood Ave in front of OBT/TV3 and regains the Beltone Hearing Aid property, then if not mistaken, SU will own everything from vacant lot beside Bob Evan's up along Millwood on both side to the Beltone property and SU's new business school.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

SU company sued after eatery closes

The Pub made a comment about this back on March 8th.

SU company sued after eatery closes
August 21, 2010
By Vic Bradshaw
The Winchester Star

WINCHESTER- A local restaurateur has filed a lawsuit seeking up to $1 million from a company owned by Shenandoah University, saying changes it made led to the demise of his long-standing family business.

George James Sempeles - who took over the restaurant his father founded at the site in 1964 and operated it as Jimmy's Steak and Seafood Grill - has sued Shenandoah Hotel Property LLC (SHP) for breach of contract.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in Frederick County Circuit Court. It requests a jury trial.

The suit details an array of changes made at the hotel property at 1017 Millwood Pike (U.S. 50) that opened as a Holiday Inn and now is a Quality Inn. It claims those changes negatively affected Sempeles' business, which he closed on or about Feb. 24.

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