Sunday, July 31, 2011

Winchester World Series 10U team moves to 63-2-1 on the year

The 10U Winchester World Series teams moves to 63-2-1 on the year with a 1 to 0 win over the Bellport Braves in the championship game of the Seahore Showdown Invitational tourney at the Sports at the Beach complex in Rehoboth Beach located in Georgetown, DE.

Winchester went 4-0 in pool-play with 8-0 win over Hauppauge Eagles 9U and 12-2 win over the Connequot Chiefs on Friday.  Saturday, Winchester had wins of 8-0 over Marlboro Mustang Gold and 13-1 win over Marlboro Mustangs.

Winchester received a 1st round by in the playoff round and had a rematch with the Connequot Chiefs that resulted in 4-0 shutout by Winchester.  The win setup the championship game with the Bellport Braves as Winchester held on for 1-0 shutout.  Winchester outscored their opponents 46 to 3 in the 3-day tournament.

Follow the 10U World Series results at the following from Aug. 13th-20th:

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Standings Update

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Millwood closure debate ... Is this picture worth a thousand words or not?

Could this be a picture of what's to come IF that Millwood section gets closed in front of SU's OBT?   :)

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Is the WS event in the hole $75k already and where is this up to 5,000 visitors coming from?

From The Pub's perspective, the 10U World Series event is in the hole $75k already with the loan from WPRD reserve fund for this event.  Going to be interesting if this $75k gets paid back to the WPRD reserve fund or not?

From WincStar on Feb. 24, 2010:
The City Council voted 8-0 Tuesday to authorize spending $75,000 to obtain the contract to host the 2011 Cal Ripken-Babe Ruth 10-Year-Old World Series.
The vote came after the council received a revised plan for holding the tournament. The board reviewed the idea during its pre-meeting work session and added the item to its meeting agenda.

Council President Jeffrey Buettner was absent.

Brad Veach, the city’s parks and recreation director, requested $75,000 in reserve funds for the tournament.

That money will be added to a matching contribution from Winchester Baseball to provide $150,000 for contract fees, facility repairs, and operating funds.

Veach said he thought the event would yield at least $75,000 in revenue, which would enable the money taken from the reserves to be replenished.

Council Vice President Art Major asked Veach to put his department’s money where his mouth is, proposing that any reimbursement shortfall be taken from the parks budget for fiscal year 2011. Veach agreed.

What is the up to 5,000 visitors representing?  How did someone come up with that number?

Baseball series could attract 5,000 visitors
And pump up to $750,000 into local economy
July 22, 2011
By Val Van Meter
The Winchester Star
Parks and Recreation Director Brad Veach said about $150,000 has been generated, in cash and in-kind donations, to refurbish Yost Field - pictured above, provide transportation, and offer special trips and incentives to the visitors during the upcoming Babe Ruth League, Cal Ripkin 10-Year-Old World Series. 
Winchester Parks and Recreation Director Brad Veach sees 10-year-old baseball players and thinks tourist dollars. 
At Thursday morning's meeting of the Winchester-Frederick County Tourism Board, he told members that the upcoming Babe Ruth League, Cal Ripken 10-Year-Old World Series could bring as many as 5,000 people to Winchester next month.
He added that those visitors could pump $750,000 into the local economy.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

VHS rebounds from 2008 and has an outstanding year in 2009 for profitability!

Wonder how true this quote is ... "Paper lay still, they can write anything on it"

Did not VHS get a heck'va deal when it was agreed upon with City officials where VHS just pays a flat fee of $750,000 to the City of Winchester when you compare it the profit margins that they are consistently turning out?

Also, the Wellness & Fitness Center had $3,274,581 in total revenue for 2009.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random VA private college President's compensation package comparison

2009 $208,253 ... 2010 $211,151 ... Eastern Mennonite University
2009 $195,121 ... 2010 $221,986 ... Averett University
2009 $276,315 ... 2010 $283,749 ... Emory & Henry College
2009 $294,488 ... 2010 $287,326 ... Roanoke College
2009 $279,663 ... 2010 $316,266 ... Shenandoah University
2009 $282,963 ... 2010 $318,591 ... Bridgewater College
2008 $358,660 ... 2009 $332,295 ... Randolph Macon College
2009 $319,019 ... 2010 $358,265 ... Ferrum College   
2009 $429,394 ... 2010 $428,681 ... Virginia Wesleyan College
2009 $324,498 ... 2010 $442,983 ... Lynchburg College

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Pub is NOT affiliated with The Winchester Watchdog

For the record, The Pibbster's Pub is not affiliated with The Winchester Watchdog.

For those who want to spread untrue rumors, you need to stop because you are uninformed.