Wednesday, December 2, 2009

*** Breaking News *** Another Wal-Mart coming to Winchester?

According to unnamed impeccable sources, a 3rd Wal-Mart (mini version or distribution center?) is coming to the Winchester area out on the property near Rt. 522 South where the Comcast and SpecialMade buildings are located.

The Pub is told that a local company will be getting the contract to construct as I'll leave that up to the local media to find out on their own!

[For the record, UPDATED 12-2-09 @ 10:03pm]

This is actually OLD news but it appears many forgot about this including myself as The Pub was NOT able to find the story.  Lorraine shared this today. 

Wal-Mart to open third store locally
By Lorraine Halsted

Armel — Wal-Mart Stores Inc. will be submitting plans to Frederick County today for a new superstore to be built in Eastgate Commerce Center at U.S. 522 South and Tasker Road.

The southern Frederick County location will be the third Wal-Mart Superstore for the Winchester-Frederick County area, but will differ in its size and appearance, according to information provided by the company.

At 155,000 square feet, the Superstore will be 60,000 to 80,000 square feet smaller than the other two area locations.

The one on South Pleasant Valley Road in Winchester is 234,000 square feet and the other on U.S. 50 West, near Winchester Medical Center, in Frederick County is 214,000 square feet.

The new prototype is designed to give the store more of a “small-shop feel,” according to information provided by Wal-Mart Inc. The building will sit lower than the other two area stores and the entrance will be covered with a canopy.

Earthtone colors, mature trees, and lighting also will be used to enhance the architecture of the building.

Construction on the site will begin this summer, but the store will not be ready to open until 2010.

“It takes us about a year to build a supercenter,” said Kelly Hobbs, spokesperson for Wal-Mart Superstores Inc. in Connecticut, Virginia, and West Virginia.
Hobbs said Wal-Mart’s market research has shown that the area has a large enough population to support a third supercenter.

“We do extensive research of our customer base and potential customer base for each of our stores,” she said. “We also look at our current stores and how they’re operating.”

Earlier this year, KNLB, a commercial real estate firm that sells property in the region, had identified retail space in Winchester Gateway on Va. 7, east of Interstate 81 in Frederick County, as being reserved for a Wal-Mart Superstore on one of its promotional fliers.

Florida-based Win LLC, the developer and property owner of Winchester Gateway, had declined to comment on the property.

Hobbs said that the property could have been under consideration by WalMart officials when they were looking for a third site in the area.

“That is possible,” she said. “There was nothing definite or concrete concerning that location, and I can tell you that we looked at a number of sites in that area.”

Hobbs said the new store will hire about 350 employees.

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Got a little more clarification, it's suppose to be SAM's Club to compete against COSCTO.

In the end, it'll be something related to the Wal-Mart Family.

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