Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What will the replacement cost be for the Handley Bowl's A-Turf?

Finally had a some dialog with the principal at Fort Hill School, Mr. Lewis and had several questions for him about the Field Turf facility at Greenway Avenue Stadium.

What was the cost to replace the Turf?
The initial turf in 1998 cost $620,000 and the replacement turf in 2008 was $690,000
To clarify, what type of Turf was install and what was used to replace it?
Field Turf and the grass on the turf was shot - broken down from UV rays and wear

How was it funded?

Replaced turf was funded from money on ticket sales from games over the last 10 years games ($1 on each ticket goes into a stadium account at the Board of Education Office) and BOE money

This is phase 1 of the renovation project for the Greenway Avenue Stadium. 

So with that in mind, just wonder what the replacement bill for the Handley Bowl A-Turf will be coming in the 2019 time-frame?

Pictured below is of Greenway Avenue Stadium in Cumberland, MD on the campus of Fort Hill High School.
For further information about the Greenway Avenue Stadium and the history, please click on the following link:

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Anonymous said...

New MU field could be used a decade or longer: Long-time FieldTurf customers report excellent durability

Charleston Gazette
July 29, 2005 - - Author:Doug Smock

At Marshall University, crews are finishing the installation of the third artificial surface in the 15- season history of Joan C. Edwards Stadium.

Can the FieldTurf surface, the current champion of the ersatz grass industry, last longer than its predecessors?

How about a 15-year life? Dont laugh.

Apparently, these carpets arent aging badly. Just ask Vince Montana, director of facilities for the Allegany (Md.) County Board of Education. He oversaw the 1998 installation of FieldTurf at the venerable Greenway Avenue stadium in Cumberland. It is home of the Fort Hill Sentinels and the Allegany Campers, rivals of several schools in West Virginias Eastern Panhandle.

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