Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Downtown Arena Concept shared with the Planning Commission

The concept of an Arena downtown on the walking mall was shared with the Planning Commission this afternoon.

Below is a link where the power-point can be viewed:



RBV said...

The reality is that a 3,000-seat arena isn't big enough to draw enough quality events to make it viable. You will need a place at least double that size to make it work. Ask any concert/event promoter.

Jiffy Lube Pavilion (The Old Nissan Pavilion) holds 25,000 or so.

The Patriot Center in Fairfax holds 10,000

John Paul Jones in C-Ville holds close to 15,000

Verizon in DC holds 18,000 or so.

If they are serious about doing this they need to copy what has been done in downtown Charlottesville.


Downtown Winc. might not be suitable for something like the the C-ville Pavilion but other places around the area could be. The reality is that most of the locations aren't in the city - they are in Frederick County.

They get fairly good acts in Warren County & Shenandoah County. If some TLC was put into the Frederick County Fairgrounds you might have a viable place to have an outdoor pavilion.

People would probably go downtown after the event.

But, as long as a crash-up derby's and truck/tractor pulls are the priority that's a no-go.


For the record, the 3,000 seat arena is just one example with a 94' x 50' basketball court.

One must consider the open floor space for additional loose seating that was not factor in the above 3,000.

The schematic drawing was just an example.

A 2nd level mezzanine area would give more additional seating.

The goal of the presentation was for the Planning Commission to consider another possible location.

City officials are on a mission to revitalize the downtown area and this idea would help get more people walking on the downtown mall on a consistent basis.

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