Friday, May 21, 2010

What is a "park" and why was the DM location chosen in Jim Barnett Park?

Not showing any disrespect here, but just wanted to remind everyone that a "park" is:

1. An area of land set aside for public use, as:
a. A piece of land with few or no buildings within or adjoining a town, maintained for recreational and ornamental purposes.
b. A landscaped city square.
c. A large tract of rural land kept in its natural state and usually reserved for the enjoyment and recreation of visitors

Is not Jim Barnett Park becoming more and more commercialized with more buildings while losing valuable green space?

Times have changed and the lease has expired, why not explore keeping the DM downtown to hopefully keep a draw of visitors on the walking mall to patronize those businesses.

After having dialog with two former Park-n-Rec board members, they basically had NO say in the deal as City Council and DM members worked it out.

Wonder why DM and the 2004 City Council members/Ed Daley were so gung ho about the Park?

Wonder if it will eventually have some connection with SU?

Wonder who will benefit the most with the DM in the Park?

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