Sunday, August 7, 2011

What's the final price tag going to be for hosting the World Series by the WPRD?

Just more random thoughts about the cost of the World Series, does not the local residents of Winchester deserve to know what the real cost is in hosting such an event?

Information cited from Winchester Star article on Saturday:

A costly endeavor
The World Series, however, doesn't come cheap. 
Veach said he is on pace to spend about $218,000 to operate the tournament. That includes the $45,000 paid to the Babe Ruth organization for the contract.
Another $60,600 in capital expenditures went toward upgrades at Yost Field, some of which Veach said would have been needed soon regardless. 
If revenue projections from items such as ticket, souvenir and concession sales are reached, Veach said, he thinks the tournament will net about $30,000 for the parks department. 
Natalie Loudan stated she has spent around 20 hours a week on the World Series for about the last 18 months.

Referencing Mrs. Loudoun statement after its calculated, that works out to about 1512 hours worked by Mrs. Loudoun and if one would figure a labor rate of $10-$15 per hour that comes out in the ballpark of $15,120-$22,680.

Now how many hours have been logged by the Winchester Park and Recreation department employees who are paid by the citizenry of Winchester and how much of the payroll has been devoted to the World Series so far?

Seriously, how much is this really costing the taxpayers of Winchester to host such event?  And don't forget, the City has only 3 kids on the team.

Winchester Baseball serves up to 4 local counties representing up to 156,117 population and then when you throw in the two WV counties that bumps up the population to 194,016

Population figures:
City of Winchester - 26,203
Frederick County - 78,305
Clarke County - 14,034
Warren County - 37,575
Hardy County, WV - 14,205
Hampshire County, WV - 23,964

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For the record, this has been sent to Brad Veach today as well as it was shared with Council president Jeff Buettner and council park liaison Milt McInturff.

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