Monday, August 15, 2011

How many rooms booked by the visitors for the World Series?

These are the number are "booked" rooms as a result of the World Series as the individuals I spoke with stated, "These are the rooms booked for 10 days and if they lose, then the number of rooms booked will decrease."

Pool Play is through Wednesday where all 9 teams will be here.  The playoff round starts on Thursday afternoon, so 4 teams most likely be leaving/checking out on Thursday mid-day leaving 5 teams in the hotels.  After Thursday's games, 2 teams will be eliminated so one could figure that those 2 teams will be leaving/checking out on Friday mid-day.

Looks like there are 7 nights guaranteed that the 9 teams will be in hotel rooms and that's if they all checked in on August 11th and not Friday during the day before 3pm on the 12th.  Some teams could leave on Wednesday as a result of their pool play coming to an end and not qualifying for Thursday's playoff round.  5 teams will be here for at least 8 nights and and 3 teams here for at least 9 nights as I am banking on the other team being Winchester for Thursday and Friday's playoff rounds.

Bryant, AR coaches stated on Sunday "We travel pretty well, about 75"

So if you use the average of 3.2 people per room x 23 = 73.6, so that is pretty accurate for the Arkansas team.

If you figure 151 rooms x 3.2 comes out to about 483 visitors.  Make note I am sure those tournament officials are staying 1 per room so I would venture to guess 400-500 visitors (including team members and fans) is pretty much in the ballpark of who has traveled into Winchester for the World Series.

My question is this, wonder why the World Series committee did not try to put 2 teams per Winchester Hotel so that the City of Winchester could of gained more tax revenue since the City of Winchester is footing the entire bill for this World Series?

(70) rooms booked in Frederick County Hotels:

(18) Aloft at $85 per night (Mineral Area, MO)

(23) Country Inn Suites at $83 per night (Bryant, AR)

(14) Courtyard by Marriott at $99 per night (Williamette Valley, OR)

(15) Fairfield Inn at $119 per night (New Milford, CT)

(81) rooms booked in City of Winchester Hotels:

(15) Hilton Garden at $129 per night (Elk Grove, CA)

(15) Wingate Inn at $80.77 per night (Glen Allen, VA)

(13) Hampton-Inn North at $120 per night (West Raleigh, NC)

(20) Hampton-Inn University at $120 per night (Lexington, KY)

(18) George Washington Hotel at $119 per night (both tourney officials and Bel Air, MD is staying here)

Wonder how many excursions were booked by August 4th?

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Spoke to a parent from West Raleigh and they stated that they figured it was going to cost each of their families about $2,000 each to be here.

The father further stated that their families brought a lot of lunch meat for quick sandwiches and planned on having just dinner out on the town.

So with today's economy,the perception is that everyone is pretty much on a tight budget.

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