Friday, November 18, 2011

re: Some VHS workers to get raises; others could see pay cuts (NVDaily)

By Alex Bridges --

WINCHESTER -- Some Valley Health staff face pay cuts or may get increases as the hospital system equalizes positions among its thousands of workers.
Employees learned this week salaries may rise or fall as a result of an effort to align job titles and descriptions among the thousands of staff across the system.

Details of the initiative -- specifically who the changes affect and by how much -- were not available Thursday. More details on the effort would be available today, said Carol Weare, public relations manager for Valley Health.

Read the reamainder of the story on NVDaily:


Anonymous said...

Equalizing salaries or salary adjustments all say the same thing, management and upper management get HUGE bonuses and pay raises while the VHS support staffers get the shaft!
Pay cuts, really? How could you cut the pay of the backbone employees of your company? It's like you are taking your raises and your big bonuses right out of their pockets!?!.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the management gets the raise. Some of the support staff even saw a large pay cut, back in Oct. before anyone else. The staff did not receive a notice of any kind. Only a few got a small raise. Don't be fooled! Each year Valley Health cut's the employees benifits. Our health insurance go's up, both health and dental. Our doctor co-pay jumped from $20, to $30 per vist. And, we are lucky if we get a 10 cent raise. Oh, but lets hire more management and pay them the high salary! If you check this out, you will be amazed. Yes, the backbone of Valley Health are really getting the shaft!

Anonymous said...

If Valley Health took better care of it's employees, so many of them wouldn't be looking for another job. They depend on the shift differents, that's why they work night shift! So much wrong doing to your staff! Are you sure you can afford the $15 bonus you gave your support staff this year?

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