Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Handley Judges need a JO

I personally know Mr. Jimmy Omps as I viewed him as Mr. Quality Control for Handley as I told him last week.

I gave him a lead on a high-profiled name that was missed as a potential donor during the renovation as he thanked me and would follow-up on it.  There you go ... JO still on the job so to speak!

It's hard to believe JO has been retired since 1994; time sure does fly by as I told him Quality-Control left the Handley building when JO retired!

To close folks, from my perspective after visiting several events this year, The Handley Judges are in much need of a JO!

Saturday night will be a very special evening, will the STATE Championship banners be up?  Not sure, but I know if JO was there, they would be up because that is part of Handley Pride as its the rich tradition of The Handley Judges.

Will there ever be someone close to a Mr. Maddux or JO anytime soon that will step inside the walls of the Handley Building to help the young people?

PS ... Today is Friday Jan. 29th, so maybe they are being hung today, a day before the dedication, that would be great as it would be very appropriate if they were hung to honor Mr. Jimmy Omps and Mr. Hunter Maddux.  For the record, if we recall correctly, the gym has been open for 12-14 months since the renovation was complete.

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