Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winchester Baseball for masses,or for select few?

WB for masses,or for select few?

Is Winchester Baseball for the masses or a select few in an effort to gain individual national prominence?

For those baseball fans who might not be familiar, WB starts practice in mid-March and some teams are out there until 10 p.m. during school nights. Is this in the best interests of the kids on those cold nights?

The regular season ends during mid-June as the regular season is over and complete for the kids who did not get selected as an all-star, which there are not even tryouts for. Why is there such a rush to end the regular season?

With the 12-and-under season running during the same time as the local high-school season, the majority of the youngsters do not have an opportunity to watch the high-school teams compete.

Based on history, the all-star teams are pre-selected with the all-star teams practicing indoors at the Armory during December, January, and sometimes into February when the regular season has not even started yet.

What are those kids supposed to do for the entire summer if they are not selected to an all-star team? Why not go back to the good ol’ days when 12-and-under baseball was played throughout the summer with a two-week local All-Star break and then the second half of the season was completed?

The league playoffs were completed in early-to-mid August just in time for school to start again.

Keep all kids involved throughout the entire summer. What is wrong with this idea?

Jeff Milburn

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