Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WMC's application for another "tax-exempt" status is advancing

Will City Council will ever challenge WMC?

In its special meeting and work session on January 26, 2010 ...

* Advanced an ordinance to approve Winchester Medical Center’s application for tax-exempt status for its diagnostic center at 300 Campus Blvd. 

Folks, don't forget about these (in excess of revenue) profit figures that just the Winchester Medical Center (not-for-profit) alone is producing since 2001 according to Quad State Business Journal was $11.8 million.

So ... here you go ...

2001 - $11.8 million 




2005 - $54,346,679 (per IRS990)

2006 - $57,422,678 (per IRS990)

2007 = $66,617,961 (per IRS990)

Folks, you should remember where The Pub documented that from 2001-2005, that was a 383% increase, well my goodness, from 2001-2007 that has risen even more so up to 460%.

You tell us what in the world in going on?  These numbers are getting to big for The Pub to even comprehend for this "not-for-profit" organization.  Please keep in mind, this is just Winchester Medical Center alone, there are many other revenue generating services that has not been factored in yet.

Please tell your friends who might be "charity care" candidates or "individuals who are in need" for financial assistance, that they need to "pre-qualify" and ASK questions!!!

... "pre-qualify" and ASK questions!!!
... "pre-qualify" and ASK questions!!!
... "pre-qualify" and ASK questions!!!
... "pre-qualify" and ASK questions!!!

Basically, in years past, If you did not ask, they did not tell you.  So if you were billed and made the payments, then VHS was very appreciative of your generosity.  The perception that has been developed over my nearly 24 months of research, VHS has taken money from individuals that they probably should not have taken.

How else can anyone explain these enormous profits???

Please share with your friends so they are more informed.

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