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Response to GameDay Reps and Supporters

To all,

I want to eliminate the rumors that are flying ramped that I am associated with YouCastr and UstreamTV which is 100% false.  For those individuals spreading such rumors, they are very much misinformed.

I posted on VAPREPS Football Region II message board and THE PIBBSTER's PUB of the information that I obtained from Mr. Edwards from FCPS on this FCPS / GameDay partnership agreement.

In response to Mr. Andy Hayes e-mail to me Wednesday, October 28 @ 8:50pm, I do not recall me ever discrediting this organization’s service that they provide. 

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   Why are you hating on us so much? What have we done to you? We've been covering high school sports in Winchester and the rest of Northern Virginia now for years. What have we done to upset you? I've read your posts on VPreps, and just don't understand the animosity. What's up?


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Can you resend that e-mail that you sent the other week as I did not read attachment.
I went to retrieve it out of my spam folder and it was gone, so the system must have deleted it  after a few days.


I am not sure what to make of this “anonymous” comment that came into the THE PIBBSTER’s PUB on Wednesday October 28 @ 8:55pm.  The perception is that this individual has “inside” information on the agreement between the two parties of FCPS and GameDay.

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you aren't educated Pibbster....You simply don't know the details of the agreeement and the other ventures the two parties are working on. Misinforming people with incorrect info is going to make you look stupid....

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Posted by Anonymous to THE PIBBSTER's PUB at October 28, 2009 8:55 PM

Also I have much concern about the two brand new users assistantcoach3 and 540baller on  The perception is that they are associated with GameDay as they are new users with their very 1st posts in regards to the information that I shared about the partnership between FCPS and GameDay as it was to inform more schools and businesses.

Frederick County Public School administrators should not been in the business of trying to assist in subsidizing a private businesses operation but should be very concerned about what the administration/athletic directors can do to generate the most revenue possible for each high schools athletic department with the least amount of expenses incurred while doing so. 

With the epic budget constraints that FCPS are facing this year and for years to come, the venture with this private business is not in the best interest of the school athletic departments and even further, the local taxpayers because in the end, the taxpayers will be footing the bill.  With that said, it’s vital that FCPS explore any and all options to keep all of the sponsorship revenue within the local system vs. allowing it to float away over the mountain.

YouCastr and UstreamTV provide FREE opportunities for the high schools to pursue broadcasting both PBP and/or live VIDEO stream for their fans.  These opportunities give FCPS an opportunity to keep 100% of the sponsorship revenue vs. zero dollars with the current partnership.

These opportunities were shared with the three local AD’s at James Wood, Sherando and Millbrook back in August of 2008.  Sherando’s AD was quick to respond, no thanks, we’ll be using GameDay again this year.  There was no response from James Wood and Millbrook’s AD’s.

To close, if FCPS administrators are not the least bit interested in trying to harvest all the sponsorship revenue and are very much satisfied with just getting $2.50 per subscriber, per month, then the YouCastr and UstreamTV options are not for you.  If the FCPS admin’s are not interested in trying to get more children involved within their own high schools with opportunities to pursue a communications program at the college level, then these options are not for you.  Do the math, two-dollars and fifty cents per month, per subscriber is not going to add up to very much extra revenue vs. the opportunity of obtaining 100% of sponsorship revenue sold by each high school athletic department or system wide only if other options are pursued.

The perception is that FCPS admin’s were sold on a sales pitch and mostly likely influenced by someone as it’s evident that not enough in-depth research was conducted on these other options available to make a more informed decision.

To close, the local area of Winchester has a brand new TV3-Winchester station that is an ABC affiliate and the Sports guys of Mike and James do top-notch work! We also have the local newspapers of The Winchester Star and The Northern VA Daily  who continue to provide great stories about our local athletes and sports teams.  We even have am1550SportsTalk radio with Dan Gloster/Tim Mondell  and amWinc1400 that do a great job of providing the Game of the Week for the citizenry.

Basically, its getting crowded over here, so lets not push our own out of the press-box!

[Added @10:35am, I am sorry but I forgot to recognize our own local media outlets that do an outstanding job of providing coverage within our own local community]

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to share my perspective on this matter with all.

Respectfully shared from a concerned citizen!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Pibbster, just watched a segment on TV3 about the Frederick County Public Schools budget constraints and it made me think of this article. How ironic was that.

I agree with everything stated as we should keep our money local and support our own local businesses. I would like to see wrestling matches streamed live over the NET.

Good public service.


Gloomy outlook for Frederick schools

By Jason Kane
The Winchester Star
Saturday, October 31, 2009

Winchester — The revenue shortfall that punched the Frederick County Public Schools’ 2009-10 budget appears to be preparing to strike again.

Anonymous said...

A classic WANT vs. NEED here.

Who was the driving force that WANTed GameDay? There’s a perception, was there a kickback?

Every local FCPS leader NEEDs to conduct their due diligence in finding the best opportunities to get the most revenue while keeping all the dollars spent within our own local economy.

Today’s story in the Star clearly states Gloomy days ahead.

Com’on folks, THINK about this, THINK!

We can only imagine of the pity stories that will be coming, we have no money, we have no money, we must cut, we must cut … well by golly, here’s an opportunity to get more money on your own but you are allowing a group that is not even our own to take our own money over the mountain.

You know, as a prominent member of that community stated, the administrators within FCPS should be elected by the people, are we not paying their salaries?

Wake up Frederick County Board of Superivsors, make some changes as you are the elected officials.

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