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2007 Winchester Medical Center / Lewis-Gale Medical Center side-by-side comparison

To give the citizenry a better understanding of the differences between a "not-for-profit" and "for-profit" hospital, THE PIBBSTER's PUB wants to share with all a side-by-side comparison between Winchester Medical Center and Lewis-Gale Medical Center.

Winchester Lewis-Gale

Medical Center Medical Center

Winchester, VA Salem, VA
Licensed Beds: 411 521
Staffed Beds: 411 216
Licensed NISCU bassinets: 24 0
Staffed NISCU bassinets: 24 0
Staffed normal newborn bassinets: 12 5
Patient days: 110,155 69,613
Admissions: 25,318 13,405
FT equivalents - Payroll: 2,297 1,138
FT equivalents - Contract: 140 58

Gross Inpatient Revenue: 409,766,805 347,615,243
Gross Outpatient Revenue: 263,761,298 252,975,201
Gross Patient Revenue: 673,528,103 600,590,201
Contractual Allowance: 234,014,441 385,083,587
Charity Care: 25,752,576 7,961,893
Indigent Care Trust: 0 6,040
Net Patient Revenue: 413,761,086 207,544,964
Other Operating Revenue: 13,788,825 2,539,328

Current Assets: 207,181,874 36,828,681
Net Fixed Assets: 276,623,250 112,204,986
Other Assets: 220,606,786 93,385,839
Total Assets: 704,411,910 242,419,506
Current Liabilities: 43,025,848 25,498,841
Long Term Liabilities: 207,765,314 41,232,819
Total Liabilities: 250,792,162 66,731,660
Fund Balance: 453,619,748 175,687,846

Labor Expense: 180,988,686 76,762,259
Non-Labor Expense: 145,327,697 78,477,511
Capital Expense: 37,317,267 21,729,361
Taxes: $162,362 $12,170,282
Bad-Debt Expense: 23,331,159 9,076,278
Total Operating Expense: 387,127,171 198,245,691
Operating Income: 40,422,740 11,838,601
Net Non-Operating gains: 26,195,223 157,705

Revenue & Gains

in excess of expenses (profits): $66,617,963 $11,996,306
Tax Status: Not-For-Profit Proprietary

In addition to other services offered, these facilities reported the following services available during fiscal year their Utilization Spread Sheets

Winchester Lewis-Gale

Medical Center Medical Center

Winchester, VA Salem, VA
Cardiac Catheterization: X X
Chemotheraphy: X X
Chronis Renal Dialsis: X X
Cobalt & Linear Accelerator Radiology: X X
Hyperbaric Therapy:
Lithotripshy: X X
Neonatal Intensive Care: X X
Organized Hospice Program:
Pain Management Program: X X
Wound Clinic: X X

[Source: Virginia Health Information, From Numbers to Knowledge]

Pricing Transparency:

Lewis-Gale Medical Center's Commitment to Pricing Transparency
We know that especially today, when so many people are uninsured or underinsured, it is important for individuals to have healthcare pricing information. We are committed to making this information available to consumers so they can better anticipate and understand their financial responsibilities and make informed healthcare decisions.

Because we know that healthcare is complex and that a general listing of prices for our common procedures will not meet everyone’s needs, we have developed a toll free number where consumers can contact us directly for a prospective service quote. Our goal in making this information easy to access is to remain a leader in key healthcare initiatives aimed at better patient care.

Click here for ... Lewis-Gale Medical Center Pricing Estimates

Please note when Valley Health's website was searched for "pricing estimates", there was nothing to be found.

Charity Care / Community Benefit:

Uninsured & Low-Income Patients - Charity Care by Lewis-Gale Medical Center (for-profit)
Americans who do not have health insurance constitute a sizable and growing problem for our society - a problem that touches not just patients, hospitals and physicians, but also employers and the government. In 2007, HCA Virginia provided $242 million in free charitable care to low-income, uninsured patients who needed care but could not afford to pay for it. While this effort is not a solution to the larger issue of the uninsured, it provides a meaningful benefit to thousands of Virginians annually.

Download our charity care and financial discount policy.

If you have further questions about charity care after reviewing our policy, you may call us at 800-799-6478.

Examples of donations HCA Virginia made in the past three years of what they gave away:
  •     $1.8 million to Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine
  •     $1 million to Virginia Western Community College Nursing and Radiology/Technology Program
  •     $1 million to John Tyler Community College Nursing School
  •     $1 million to J. Sargeant Reynolds Nursing School
  •     $500,000 to the VCU School of Nursing
  •     $300,000 to the Alleghany Highland YMCA
  •     $160,000 to the Science Museum of Virginia
  •     $140,000 to Virginia Tech
  •     $100,000 to the New River Community College RN Program
  •     $100,000 to the Friends of Loudoun County Mental Health
  •     $100,000 to Loudoun County Youth, Inc.
  •     $70,000 to the Radford University Family Health Clinic
  •     $63,000 to North Virginia Community College's NOVA HealthForce Coalition
  •     $50,000 to The Capitol Square Civil Rights Memorial Foundation

Ballpark naming rights sold to Lewis-Gale Medical Center, Avalanche Ballpark re-named Lewis-Gale Medical Center Field @ Salem Baseball Stadium on April 5, 2006

Click here for "About Lewis-Gale Medical Center Videos"

To review the entire Valley Health System's benefit to the regional area, click here: "Valley Health System's Community Benefit"

Click here for "Featured Videos by Valley Health"

Population Comparisons:

25,449 - City of Salem
25,878 - City of Winchester

92,967 - City of Roanoke
73,898 - Frederick County

Other areas population figures:

295,700 - Roanoke Metro Area

102,044 - Berkeley County, WV
36,663 - Warren County
40,777 - Shenandoah County
24,164 - Page County ... new hospital planned for future???
16,325 - Morgan County, WV
17,020 - City of Martinsburg, WV
22,574 - Hampshire County, WV
Hampshire Memorial Breaks Ground on $35 million on a New Hospital

Please keep in mind that Valley Health is purchasing the majority of the Regional hospitals and the perception is that the standard protocol is a brand new facility of $30 million.

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