Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Is the yield sign in front of the Armory a major contributor to the accidents?

Supporters for the Millwood Ave closure have cited a safety concern due to the accidents that have occurred at the Y intersection in front of the Armory when Apple Blossom Drive merges with Millwood.

Some City folks have stated that the YIELD sign is the problem.

Yield signs exist to remind us that many accidents occur at intersections when drivers lose track of who-goes-when. Many experienced drivers will classify yield signs as the most ignored traffic sign.

Maybe a STOP sign will make motorists more aware by requiring them to stop.

Some City folks have said that yield sign in front of the Armory is located in the wrong place that Millwood should have the “right of way” and the yield sign should be erected over on the Apple Blossom Drive side with those drivers yielding to the motorists traveling from Millwood in front of SU’s OBT coming into the Y in front of the Armory.

Long-standing right-of-way laws are something we usually learn when we first learn to drive. At that point we practice correlating common sense with regulations: any vehicle to the right of yours has the right-of-way, unless you're on the bigger road.

When anyone researches, they will discover intersections with a yield sign in place will result in a higher rate of accidents.

Is not the YIELD sign a major contributor to those accidents at the Y intersection when Apple Blossom drive merges with Millwood?

Would a STOP sign help to calm the so called "raceway" and make it safer for SU students to cross?

Shouldn't Millwood Ave always have the right-of-way sense it’s always been the main corridor entrance of Winchester?

By keeping Millwood Ave open, that’s more of an aesthetically pleasing entrance into Winchester in front of SU's OBT than Jubal Early, is it not?

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