Thursday, September 30, 2010

WMC's exemption by classification position / Code of VA - 58.1 Taxation - Ch. 36 Tax Exempt Property

Mr. Merrill says, "We still feel firmly that we meet the exemption by classification and are eager to find out how the commissioner came to her conclusion that we do not meet that definition of exempt by classification. Once we have that information we then will look at what our options may be. An appeal or what other recourse we may have."


Code of Virginia - Title 58.1 Taxation - Chapter 36 Tax Exempt Property

58.1-3603 Exemptions not applicable when building is source of revenue

58.1-3605 Triennial application for exemption; removal by local governing body

58.1-3606 Property exempt from taxation by classification

58.1-3650 Post-1971 property exempt from taxation by designation

58.1-3651 Property exempt from taxation by classification or designation by ordinance adopted by local govern...

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