Monday, October 25, 2010

The 5 projects listed on the MOU between "SU and City"

The five projects that were made public back on November 6, 2009 are the following:
·        Creating a new entrance to Winchester and Shenandoah University from Millwood Avenue.

·        Examining the tennis and basketball courts in the city park to improve usage and safety for the university and city residents.

·        Renovating and programming for the amphitheater in the park.

·        Examining and improving traffic flow around Jubal Early Drive and Millwood Avenue.

·        Creating housing, classrooms, and/or performance spaces in the downtown area. 

The two articles were in print on November 6th and 13th of 2009 in the Winchester Star.

Building benefits
City, SU to cooperate on renovation projects

Council to honor FOIA regulations
Aug. 18 closed session violated meeting rules

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Craig said...

I've seen several "protest" signs pop up on Millwood near Gerard regarding fighting this closure of Millwood. Very interesting. Thanks for the info!


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