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WHY are the FCPS Admin's allowing this to happen???

Watch Local High School Games on the Web 
If you can't make it to the big game -- just catch it online.

Frederick County Public Schools is partnering up with to stream high school athletic events live on the internet.

The website offers play-by-play audio and video coverage of Sherando, James Wood and Millbrook High School football, basketball and baseball games.

Subscribers can watch and listen from anywhere in the world.

School officials still encourage fans to attend games, but say this is a good alternative if they can't make it.

"It's good for parents who aren't able to get to the game or are maybe traveling when the games take place, and for family members who live out of town. A lot of our student-athletes have relatives who live out of town and can't make it to the game, this gives them the opportunity with just a few clicks of the mouse to see their relative performing on the athletic field," said Steve Edwards, director of communications for Frederick County Public Schools.

The fees range from $9.99 for a 3-day pass to $119.99 for a year-long pass. If you sign up using your school's coupon code, they will get a portion of the proceeds.

The schools' coupon codes are as follows.

Millbrook Pioneers
Annual: 417D0BC894
Monthly: F9E097BE02

Sherando Warriors:
Annual: ADC106F7E8
Monthly: 086B1388A0

James Wood Colonels
Annual: 1287
Monthly: 768D

Source: TV3-Winchester

Everyone's first reaction should be, WHY are the Frederick County Public School Administrators allowing this extra revenue to float out of the school system is beyond me?  WHY allow an outside group from over the mountain to make money off the school system and local businesses?  Are not the local school systems struggling with their respective budgets?  Are middle school sports in danger of being extinct?  Any and all extra revenue could help foster the middle school sports.  WHY didn't the FCPS Admin's research this more thoroughly to explore other options that would allow more children to get more involved with an opportunity to get a jump-start on a communications degree while in high school?  WHY not collect ALL of the potential revenue that can be harvested through each respective high school broadcasting any event, just not sports alone at your own discretion.  WHY not OPEN it up to the debate club and other clubs/groups within the school system?  The technology is already in place, as one would be very surprised that each school did not have the following: laptop, high-speed internet access, video camera and headset.  Well, maybe the USB headset would have to be purchased but I am confident those other key ingredients are already in place.

These other opportunities that FCPS need to explore: YouCastr that is free to schools to use and viewership rates can be determined by each respective school administrators and UstreamTV is 100% free.

Just because Loudoun County Public School is using GameDayMagazine, does that dictate Frederick County Public Schools or Winchester Public County Schools need to follow suit?  If LCPS admin's jump in the middle of the road of flowing traffic, are the local school administrators going to the do the same?  One would sure hope not.  Seriously, is not everyone getting tired of hearing that we need to be competitive with Loudoun County.  The taxes are getting high enough.  We do live in America, correct?   It’s the land of the free where we have choices to make each and every day.  Ok, a choice that local educators have to make, to travel over the mountain to Loudoun County or not.  For those who made a decision to leave the local system, good luck and someone else will fill the vacated position and will be very much qualified to do so.

The YouCastr and UstreamTV suggestions were shared with the local Athletic Directors back during early fall of 2008 with no interest.


- Are you locked into a contract with GameDay?  If so, then that should have been a red flag itself.

- How much of the $9.99 10-day and $119.99 annual membership actually goes to the school?  It's very clearly stated that if school codes are not entered, then the school will NOT get their portion, whatever that is.

- How much of a local business sponsorship will actually go to the school?  

Local businesses need to BE AWARE of GameDayMagazine solicitors coming knocking on your door and please question them and get in writing, how much of your money is actually going to the school.   Better yet, here’s an idea for the local businesses, IF you want to help support a respective high school, why not just write  out a check to them directly vs. allowing an outside group over the mountain make money off you and the school.

Bottom-line, the perception is that the FCPS administrators were sold on a sales pitch.

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Anonymous said...

This would also allow students who have an interest in this field to expand their knowledge base.


Finally recv'd a letter from Mr. Steve Edwards who is the Coordinator of Policy, Records Mgmt and Communications.

Answers to my questions:

"Is FCPS locked into a contract with GameDay?
The partnership agreement is for 1yr and is renewable for up to 3yrs.

"How much of the subscription fees actually go to the school?
The school receives $2.50 for each subscriber, per month.

"How much of a local business sponsorship will go to the school?
FCPS does NOT receive any of the revenue generated by advertising sold by GameDay.


Wanted to share another idea that as it was being discussed with a local successful business owner, as his idea was the following:

“WHY don’t local high schools just start selling “broadcasting rights” on an annual basis to the highest bidder and get a set fee up front”

It has some merit. Get the money up front!

After GameDayMagazine made the sale pitch with their proposal, then FCPS administrators could have countered with the opportunity for GameDay to purchase the broadcasting rights at each individual HS and get a set fee up front from GameDay only if FCPS are not interested in exploring these other in-house opportunities of YouCastr and UstreamTV.

I asked the local business owner if I could reference his name, but he declined but stated that I could share his idea.

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