Tuesday, February 16, 2010

4708 Seating Capacity option for an Arena Downtown

Keep in mind that the 240' length of the building could be anywhere from 5-7 feet longer.  The length of the Arena would run from corner of Old Taylor Hotel down beside the Snow White Grill.

4708 Seating is "telescopic" to allow full use of floor space when needed.

This is just one option to get the idea of the seating capacity started for an Arena Downtown on the Loudoun Street "Walking Mall".

One could envision a 2nd floor balcony area that could house corporate box suits.

For the record, this is very premature and nothing has has been confirmed on the seating requirements.  The rough draft sketch has been sent to a company to make recommendations.

If anything, we are just "brain-storming" to stir the interests for the Arena to be constructed  downtown on the "walking mall".

Hopefully others reading this blog will see the benefit of having such an Arena on the downtown walking mall.  After reviewing the (4) parking garages locations and open parking lots, one would think that parking would not be an issue.

To close ... no doubt about it, IF an Arena is constructed on the downtown mall, there will be many folks "walking" on the Loudoun Street Walking Mall as the local merchants, The GW hotel and restaurants will benefit tremendously.

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