Thursday, February 4, 2010

Should Frederick County shift about 60 students from Sherando to JW?

As a voice for my immediate family of whom are all Frederick County residents as well as most residents would like to know the following:

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Dear Mr .Edwards,

Just the last 24hrs, thought this was interesting ...

What is the extra financial cost for playing AAA?

Should Frederick County shift about 60 students from Sherando to James Wood to get Sherando's enrollment under the limit to keep it in Group AA for athletics?

    Feb. 3rd:
    9:41am :  86 YES, 178 NO
    1:10pm :  99 YES, 205 NO
    9:38pm : 110 YES, 230 NO

    Feb. 4th
    8:25am : 121 YES, 241 NO

Go here to cast your "unique" vote here and to to view the comments ...



Response from Mr. Edwards:

The additional financial burden of Sherando moving to AAA would be come in several areas including:

Increased travel and associated costs (gas, bus driver pay, maintenance on buses, etc.).

Likelihood of reduced attendance at events due to lengthy travel. Lower attendance would result in reduced revenue from ticket sales, concessions, etc.

It's not possible to place a specific dollar figure on those items because they would vary depending on each team's schedule in a given year along with other factors. In addition to the issues noted above, there would be an impact on student-athletes, families, coaches and administrators should the VHSL move Sherando to AAA. Those impacts include more time on the road for events, lost instructional time, reduced study/family time.

Steve Edwards
Coordinator of Policy, Records Management, and Communications


“I was completely prepared to vote against this,” said board member Melvin ”Jim” Harmon Jr., who was surprised to see so few students at the public hearing. “This is their lives that we’re moving around from one school to another, and they didn’t come and ask for it.”

Wonder WHY Mr. Harmon changed his vote?

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