Friday, February 19, 2010

Big Idea ... give, turnover "ownership" of Bode Grim field to SU

Here is an an idea to consider that would eliminate a lot of scheduling issues plus give Shenandoah University an opportunity to get their own field so-to-speak. 

Big Idea ... Give, turnover "ownership" of Bodie Grim to SU with the understanding (MOU) that the 13yr-18yr old groups in Babe Ruth would be allowed to use it in the summer.  SU baseball basically runs from mid-January to mid-May if the advance to regional playoffs and September thru 2nd week of October.

- This would give SU an opportunity to have their own facility w/o scheduling conflicts and working around Handley HS's baseball team who has #1 priority of Bridgeforth as their is a MOU that was produced several years ago.  The MOU was in place when Bridgeforth Field was constructed in 1978 when both Handley and James Wood played with Handley 1st, James Wood 2nd and then SU started baseball back in mid-80's which made them 3rd on the list.

- SU can invest and make necessary upgrades to Bodie Grim (such as ... A-Turf infield or complete A-Turf baseball field, install press-box and bathrooms, concession stand, remodeling dugouts and provide a fence around the facility similar to Bridgeforth field)  This would give WPRD two premier full-size baseball diamonds that would allow SU to host major tournaments and even a possible USA-South Conference Tournament, the Mid-Atlantic Regional tournament as well as major HS tournaments including American Legion Baseball and The Winchester Royals.  The opportunities would be endless do to the fact that so many organizations would benefit from such a major upgrade to Bodie Grim field.

- This would be a huge step forward IF SU would be willing to make such an investment into WPRD's baseball facilities

- Bodie Grim is in need of some major upgrades since it's been constructed back in 1998-1999 timeframe.  A lot has to do with SU getting on there when there is snow on the ground, freeze/thawing affect as well as a lot of mud as a result of very soft ground during January and February as well as not proper detailed maintenance throughout the summers.

- SU would indeed have a baseball facility to truly call their own since it's an evident perception that there is no land available to build their own baseball/softball complex as there is no mention of such facility in the local media stories since Mr. Edwards was chosen as the new Athletic Director.

To close, it'll be a WIN/WIN for all and SU will be making a major contribution to our community as well as our Park and Rec department.

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In today's Winchester Star, there was the baseball preview for SU and Hornets Head Coach is quoted as follows:

"Winchester Parks and Recreation will not allow snow removal equipment on Bridgeforth Field for fear it will be damaged." said Anderson

Considering that, Anderson said "he doesn’t anticipate the field being playable until April."

All the more reason WHY we should give ownership of Bodie Grim field over to SU and allow them to install A-Turf and make necessary upgrades to turn that facility into another premier facility.

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