Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fact or Fiction? Shenandoah University getting a NEW baseball facility?

There has been many conversations that have occurred as a result of Shenandoah University's new president's statements made in front of the baseball team that they will have a new baseball facility within the next two years at last year's team picnic.  This picnic was hosted at the president's residence before the team ventured off to the DIII World Series tournament in Appleton, WI last May.

With that said, within the next two-years means a new baseball facility somewhere by the spring of 2011.

That is a very courageous statement to be made by Dr. Fitzsimmons, so something must be in the works for it to be revealed in front of the entire members of the baseball program.

Does anyone have any idea where this new facility will be constructed or does Shenandoah University have plans to make a substantial investment into the renovation at Bridgeforth Field?

In last week's article in the Winchester Star, Shenandoah University was not listed as a contributor with the current renovations happening with the remodeling work on the press-box along with the dugouts.  The work is being completed by students of Handley High School’s carpentry class which is headed by Mr. Jimmy Robertson.

To close ... Fact or fiction: SU Baseball program had to purchase their own Regional Championship rings. [FACT]

For anyone who might have any inside information, feel free to leave a comment as "anonymous" are welcomed.

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Bridgeforth Field Update:

Total work project is running $25k-$30k.

Handley HS student's are doing the remodeling work under direction of Mr. Jimmy Robertson;

$16k is for the re-grade and new SOD that will be foul_line to foul_line;

Regrade and installation of new sod is scheduled for week of November 16th;

WPRD is still working things out with SU with hopes to get some financial support on this project.

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