Monday, October 12, 2009

Update on push-button poles/signage @ Braddock/Cork street intersection

There's an update on this post in the comments field.  Just click on the link below of the post that was featured on October 9th.

A mistake or not with the placement of the NEW push button pedestrians poles/signage?

Update Oct. 13th @ 1:03pm from City official:

Thank you for your suggestions regarding the location of the pedestrian signals.

The City’s engineer has looked at this and concludes that while they would work in either location, he thinks they are fine where they are.    

We appreciate your sharing your thoughts with us.  

Update Oct. 12th @ 6pm:

I recv'd a call late this afternoon stating that Perry and Jason were scoping out the Braddock Street intersection. I was informed that there was some gesturing of the hands with what should be the proper location of the boxes and shaking of the head with disappointment.

My informant wish he had a camera as those shots would have been priceless.

This intersection is not the only one, as there many others just like the Braddock/Cork street intersection.

Bottom-line, let's hope all of these push-button oversights get corrected because it's the little details that appear to be getting over-looked

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