Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sherando answered the call everytime to get a 21-17 win over James Wood

For James Wood, missed opportunities to finish up drives and must quit trying to arm tackle.  JW's Tinsman had multiple opportunities where he rolled out to pass and had a plethora of real-estate in front of him to pick up much positive yardage vs. waiting for receiver to open up.  If he tucks and run on those roll outs, then it would have opened up the passing game.  Not knocking him, but hopefully his instincts will kick in sooner to recognize that opportunity in the future.  Lockhart had to work his tail off for the yardage that he got tonight. 

As for Sherando, they answered JW's call repeatedly.  The Warriors D came to play and was hitting hard all night long.  Dalton Boyd can flat out fly!  His 94yd kick-off return in 4th quarter was the difference.  Blackwood was difficult to bring down tonight, every-time it appeared that he was stopped, he managed to turn a stop/loss into a positive gain more than just one occasion.

Sherando has some athletes and look for Tre Porter to be a difference maker in the 2nd half of the Warriors season.  James Wood will rebound and get back on a roll to finish up the regular season at the Handley Bowl that will have huge playoff implications.

Great atmosphere up on the Ridge tonight!   Good stuff for the citizenry of Frederick County & Winchester!

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