Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Cork/Braddock Street blunder? Street not wide enough to accommodate 4 lanes

Let me explain what happened here, basically, it was said that the City's Engineer wanted a total of 4 lanes at this Cork/Braddock street intersection headed West going past George Washington's Hotel and Braddock Sports Shop.

Heading West, city officials wanted the following :

- right turn left to head north on Braddock
- straight lane to head west on Cork
- left turn lane to head south on Braddock


- straight lane coming east from Cork heading toward Loudoun St / Cameron St that will eventually bring you to the Cork/Valley Ave intersection.

Problem was duly noted in the beginning by many concerned folks, there was not enough room for vehicles turning left coming South from Braddock onto Cork heading East.

How much was this little blunder? Again, I was told by a concerned biz owner, another issue that they tried to inform individuals about in the beginning as he also tried to inform the folks about the push buttons on the Braddock/Cork street intersection.

What had to be done to correct this mistake ...
- they tried to scratch the line out, but I don't believe that worked
- had to repave the section as one can see
- lights will have to be moved on the arm as you can see will not align properly with lanes
- who pays for this boo-boo?

To close, another issue that could of been avoided if city officials would of listen to at least this biz owner.

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