Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Right on, Rev. Luttrell / Where is common sense? (TheWinchesterStar)

Right on, Rev. Luttrell

I thoroughly agree with the Rev. Isaac Luttrell in his letter “Where is common sense?” (Your Views, Nov. 11), but I would like to go one step further and state that it is no longer safe to walk or ride a bicycle either.

The removal of the traffic lights at the intersections of Amherst and Washington streets and Amherst and Braddock streets was definitely a step backwards. A pedestrian has to take his life in his hands every time he crosses the street, especially at Amherst and Braddock streets which is not even a four-way stop now.

There are no stop signs for drivers on Braddock Street, and they just sail through with no regard for those trying to cross. And now with it being two-way, you not only have to be concerned with the traffic from the left, but also the right, not to mention those coming out of the parking garage!

I would say you could put this in the category of “What were they thinking?” But that would be incorrect. It's more like they weren’t thinking, at least not about the safety of pedestrians.

I propose they reinstall the traffic lights with a pedestrian crosswalk like they have at the intersection of Loudoun and Piccadilly streets.

Kathleen Wilson
Mountain Falls
November 17, 2009

Where is common sense?

Well, folks, it was bound to happen. I could see the handwriting on the wall. It is one thing to set the clock back in fall, but something else when you turn the calendar back more than 50 years.

Back when Larry Omps was mayor of Winchester, I mentioned to him about the street situation in Winchester. There were times that out-of-town people would ask for directions how to get through Winchester. Some would even call it a “hick town”.

That bothered me at first, but now when I see what the boys have done to Winchester, it makes me sick. So I have to agree with them.

They need to change the signs from historic district to prehistoric district.

I remember the days when people came to town on horseback and in buggies. In 1951, Braddock and Cameron streets were made one-way to move traffic more efficiently. Every time they have done something with the streets over the last 12 to 18 years it has only decreased the flow of traffic.

The boys moved the sidewalks out into the street so those making a right-hand turn either run over the sidewalk or out into oncoming traffic. Now they have changed Cameron and Braddock streets back to two-way traffic. Putting up four-way stop signs at intersections is only for unlearned drivers and will just slow down traffic that much more.

If the boys keep it up, the only way to get in and out of Winchester in the near future will be walking or riding a bicycle.

Rev. Isaac Luttrell
Frederick County
November 11, 2009

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