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Bridgeforth Field "infield" getting a makeover also?

There is talk that WPRD is seriously looking at getting the infield at Bridgeforth Field relasered cut and new sod installed due to the safety issues with the non-levelness of the playing surface.  Today is November 1st, something will have to happen soon for the sod to take root before winter sets in.

Kudos to the WPRD folks, Mike White and Brad Veach for taking a more in-depth look at the seriousness of this concern at Bridgeforth Field.

THE PIBBSTER's PUB has not been informed IF Shenandoah University will be contributing to this project or not?  If they are, then an update will be made to this post.

Exciting time baseball fans!  I sure hope the wants of some do not get in the way of what is needed dearly to make Bridgeforth Field SAFE for of ALL of user groups of this facility.

Review Mr. Veach's comments below, who is WPRD Director and Mike White, who is the Operations Superintendent:

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From: Bradley Veach
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Subject: RE: Infield renovation @ Bridgeforth field?


Good morning.

Yes, we are looking at several options (regrade and sod vs artificial turf) for the infield and depending upon the direction we decide to take, some of the user groups may need to financially support our unified effort. Those specific details have not been worked out because there is a significant difference in price between the two options. It is premature to speculate which option we will take until we look at all the pros and cons (which we are doing right now) and then we will determine what resources the user groups can bring to the table. The park budgeted money to make improvements and the work by the HHS students and the volunteers in a few weeks will allow us to stretch those tax dollars to do more than we originally anticipated. We are keeping an open mind on all the options. We'll make a decision after we evaluate all of this. After the City determines what option is in our best interest, which will likely happen within the next week, we will procure the construction services necessary to implement our final decision. Time is against us so we will need to move quickly before the ground freezes. I'll have more info within a week.


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Subject: Infield renovation @ Bridgeforth field?
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As a concerned tax paying citizen, I would like to know if there is anything going on with the infield at Bridgeforth?  If so, where is that money coming from for that project?

I look forward to your reply.


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From: Michael White 
Sent: Wednesday, November 04, 2009 8:43 AM
Cc: 'Bradley Veach'
Subject: RE: Suggestion at Bridgeforth field renovation work

Jeff, got your message yesterday.  I was out of the office with my son.  Thanks for the call.

Don’t know if you’ve touched base with Brad on the subject in my absence but we have been discussing the infield with all of the renovations for sometime.  Renovation work outside the field started first because no one needed the buildings.  There is a lot of research and pricing going into the infield process.  We are working with the Bridgeforth committee on the process and some of the user groups have expressed an interest in seeing if artificial turf is a viable option.  That option brings it’s own set of unique challenges as well as some advantages.  So, at this point, we haven’t determined the exact direction with regards to the infield as many variables will factor into the decision, the main one being funding.  At this point, I do feel confident in saying, one way or another we will have a new playing surface at the field for the upcoming season.

Regarding the company from Maryland, if we decide to re-grade the field, we have secured a company out of Remington, VA to do the work.  They have several ballfield maintenance contracts with other entities throughout Virginia and their bid price for their “plow, grind, and grade” service is $1.00 per sq/ft which includes resodding the field once they’re done.  It will only take them about 10 days to do the work and part of the service includes a deep cultivation where they go down as deep as 8” to help give the infield some vertical drainage as well as regrading it to give it the proper amount of sheet drainage.  Once it’s done, that should last anywhere between 6-8 years before it should be done again.  It’s an outstanding price that no one has even come close to beating.  So far, their references check out and we’re excited to move forward with them if that’s the direction the committee and the park decide to go.  Given the time of year, as you previously mentioned, the calendar is definitely against us right now so we are hopeful to have a decision within the next few days.


Michael White, CPRP
Operations Superintendent

[updated November 4, 2009 @9:15am]

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