Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bridgeforth Field "makeover"

Day 1 - 11/17 Bridgeforth Field infield "makeover"

Day 2 - 11/18 Bridgeforth Field infield "makeover"

Day 3 - 11/20 Bridgeforth Field infield "makeover"

Day 4 - 11/21 Bridgeforth Field infield "makeover"

Came up with a new "catch-phrase" for the Spring of 2010, let me know what you think?

Come out-n-watch SU Baseball play the best darn game ever played on dirt @ "The Bridge"

For ballplayers, safer days ahead

Kudos to the Winchester Parks and Rec board members and officials for acknowledging the safety concerns with Bridgeforth Field with the start of the regrade on the infield Tuesday by Premier Sports Fields of Bealeton.

Just in the last year, a Misericordia University first baseman lost three teeth, a Handley High School shortstop received a concussion, and a Shenandoah University player received a broken nose that required surgery this fall. Those are injuries that I am aware of as a result of that unsafe infield that was about as safe as playing Russian roulette with baseballs hit at the infielders.

I went to lunch on Tuesday with Bob Benyo, vice president of Premier Sports Fields and discovered that we have several mutual friends in the Bealeton area. I inquired about the price of the regrade and the new sod. Mr. Benyo replied, “Jeff, we cut them a break because the other vice president of Premier Sports Fields’ son, if I recall accurately, attends Shenandoah University and is a member of the football team.”

I was quick to thank Mr. Benyo for their generosity and shook his hand.

To close, a quick shout-out to the students of Handley High School’s carpentry class, under the direction of instructor Jimmy Robertson, who are doing outstanding work on the 32-year-old pressbox and dugouts, along with a new backstop.

Jeff Milburn
The Winchester Star
November 20, 2009

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