Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Valley Health may feel squeeze (The Winchester Star)

Valley Health may feel squeeze

By Rebecca Layne
The Winchester Star
November 11, 2009

Winchester — Health-care reform was the major topic among many discussed by Valley Health officials during their semi-annual meeting Tuesday.

Company Chairman Dixon Whitworth told the crowded room that a change is needed to sustain the viability of the nation’s health care.

He also spoke of the effect on Valley Health of possible cuts of $11 million to $12 million in Medicare reimbursements.

“The magnitude of such costs will have significant impact on our jobs and health-care services,” said Whitworth.

Folks, the Pub has shared a different side of Valley Health System that displays a much healthier financial position than the masses of the regional community is informed about.

Please keep in mind, from years 2001 through 2005, the Winchester Medical Center profits made epic leaps and bounds with an jaw dropping 383%.

Wonder if Mr. Whitworth is trying to say that Valley Health will have to raise the "charges" on their services to overcome this revenue shortfall?

Valley Health has made epic strides in Excess of Revenue (Profits) since 2001

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